Philippe Robert is a graduate in Art History, Archeology, Musicology and holds the diploma of the State Jury (3rd degree) of musical pedagogy. He taught for twelve years the history of music in two Academies of Music (Liege and Visé) and for thirty-two years the music pedagogy to the future nursery teachers at the HELMo (Haute Ecole Libre Mosane) 

He collaborates with various liturgical magazines: Feu Nouveau, Chantons en Eglise, Caecilia, Voix Nouvelles. He has also published articles in La Maison-Dieu and Liturgie. In the field of liturgical singing, he has contributed to the publication of the Missel Noté de l’Assemblée (Brepols) and the French songs book, Chants Notés de l’Assemblée (Bayard); to the books Chrétiens en prière and Hymne nouvelles pour la liturgie. He has composed many songs and recorded several CDs: Chantons en Eglise, Marie, Mère de la Vie, Comme va l’espérance … He also wrote four cantatas, two of which, Le Chant du premier jour and Lucernaire are published at the Schola Cantorum.